The dream of making quick and big money gambling, whether at an online casino or a land-based casino, is quickly dashed when you run out of credit. Of course, you can spend time playing slots online without any money, but real winnings are only possible with real money wagering. Therefore, people are always looking for ways to improve their own chances of winning a little bit.

In fact, there are now some tricks that players can use to gain a certain advantage. However, such strategies are not welcome in any casino, as this reduces the positive expected value of the operators. This is the reason why many gambling establishments prohibit their use in their terms and conditions and even ban you from the premises if you do not comply with the ban after a warning.

Manipulating slot machines and games of chance

Experienced gamblers are familiar with the rumours and instructions that can be found online, whose authors claim that it is possible to manipulate slot machines with them. Some give the tip that only enough money needs to be risked for a win to be achieved. Others recommend downloading a software. At this point, we would like to point out that it is illegal to manipulate a slot game – both online and offline. However, there is one tip that every player should follow: Directly upon registration, you can secure a casino bonus. Just about every casino platform offers a welcome bonus that is granted with the first deposit. Smaller bonuses are sometimes even issued without a deposit.

Hands off secret trick books

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Those who have already researched on the Internet will probably have come across portals that offer special gambling trick books, in which especially secret slot machine tricks are listed. Of course, these unique cheats and secrets are not offered for free. Quite the opposite, here you will be asked to pay properly. Once the payment is made, the buyer is sent a link to download a PDF document. As a rule, this consists of no more than ten pages, which go straight into the nitty-gritty – without introduction or ado. It contains, for example

There are dozens of possibilities here, which can look something like this: Similar combinations are also described to get into the free spins feature. However, it goes much wilder than that. These are risk trick instructions that promise surefire wins. This involves sound sequences in the sound of the risk ladder, which can be found as a gamble option in many slot machines. Another trick in the risk game is supposed to be holding down the risk button in order to play straight through to the end.

We certainly do not need to mention that such tactics do not lead to sure successes. You should definitely keep your hands off trick books and above all, you should not pay money for them. A helpful tip: get to know slot machines via demo version for free, in order to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. At the same time, it is possible to work out a betting strategy to reduce the risk of losses.

The winning cycle: Is the slot machine “hot” or “cold”?


Some players swear by a wide variety of tricks and cheats. Others use a certain tactic to play profitably, while still others carefully choose their slot machines on which they want to play and win. Quite a few gamblers therefore engage in a very special strategy based on a single assumption: slot machines are influenced by a certain winning cycle.

There are supposed to be certain times when some video slots pay out better than others. Now the question arises whether it is possible to determine this pay-out time, because should this be the case, extraordinarily good winnings could theoretically be achieved by playing the right slot at the right time.

There are two assumptions for this, but they cannot be proven. For example, there are customers who exclusively play slot games that are “hot” at the respective time. An example: If a player has previously cashed in properly on a certain slot machine and then leaves the slot, some people believe that there is still more to get there. If this slot machine is chosen and played, then with de

Other players hold the assumption that after a big win, the probability of continuing to make lucrative profits is rather low. Therefore, they exclusively play machines where other players have come up empty or have won very little. They have the presumption that the slot machine is “due”, which means that it will either pay out a big win in the near future or the free spins will be triggered. Therefore, advocates of this tactic play a slot only when the previous player came up empty or waited in vain for the free spin feature to be activated.

Tips that actually work

There are a lot of tricks and cheats that players try to use to improve their chances of winning. But to be honest, you should keep your hands off most of them, because manipulating slot machines doesn’t work and is illegal. And the myth of “hot” and “cold” machines is just a myth. However, there are definitely tips you can bet on as a player:

Take advantage of free play and test slots in demo mode!

Always play with all paylines, but with low stakes! Adjust your bets to the course of the game!

Choose slots with high payout ratio as a priority! In addition, there are other tips that can also ensure that the cash register rings more often.

Play a jackpot slot basically with the highest bet, as long as the focus is on winning the jackpot. Play a few rounds for free or with the minimum bet to see how the payout chances are.

Take advantage of bonus offers. They are the reason why online casinos are so popular among players. However, be sure to pay attention to the bonus terms and conditions!

Manage your own bets. You should always keep track of your own balance. It is best to set yourself a loss limit and consider how much money per month can be spent on gambling.