Slot machines are designed to make you easy on your money. The fact is, you will never consistently win or beat the house. 

1 Take advantage of bonus offers

The good news: there are quite a few tips, tricks & online strategies out there that can be applied to guarantee the best possible payout.  A good strategy to boost your wallet is to find out about offers and take advantage of them. The different games and casinos offer drastically different bonuses and promotions that can significantly improve their bottom-line bankroll. Most online casinos also offer lucrative welcome bonuses. Take the time to pick out the best bonus offers, compare them, understand their terms and conditions, and take advantage of them. It’s a pretty simple slot trick, but this way you can build a nice little cushion.

2 Understand the payout & play

When slots advertise that their slot machines have an average payout of 90 percent, it sounds good at first. However, for the player, this means that in the long run, they will lose 10 cents for every EUR wagered.Different machines have different payout ratios (usually between 70 to 98%) – these are the most important factor when it comes to their payout. So, it makes sense to read up on the fine print before you play and come up with a strategy. You can of course also try to find the information on / in the machine itself to see if the payouts are listed.

In online slots, the payout percentage can usually be found somewhere in the help section. Whether in the virtual or real arcade; take the time to familiarize yourself with the different games. Of course, you can play whatever you want, but if your main goal is to win as much as possible, you should follow the strategy of prioritizing the games with the highest odds. 

3 Set bankroll

A slot tip that is essential for every player: set your personal bankroll – the amount you are willing to lose. And do this before you go to the digital arcade and sit down at the machine. Assume that in the worst-case scenario you will lose this amount completely. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with it and can afford it. If you are not, reduce the amount. The trick: use your set bankroll – no more.

4 Choose “Loose” Slots

There is a lot of strategy behind the physical placement of the machines. Operators use various tricks to attract visitors and encourage them to play. This is exactly what you can benefit from, even online. If you are looking for so-called “loose slots” – machines that have a higher probability of winning – you should keep 4 tips in mind:

Exchange offices and cash registers are hot spots for “loose slots”. In places where there are many visitors, obvious winnings should encourage observers to try their luck themselves.

Machines that are located in a highly visible and advertised place and promise huge prizes are usually easier to crack to attract players. Most of the time, there are a lot of people waiting in front of these machines to try their luck. Operators know that players will eventually get impatient and eventually stray to the other machines with worse odds of winning.

Loose machines are also common around cafes and snack bars. Operators use this trick to motivate people to eat quickly and then return to the game all the more quickly.

Another good place to look for loose slots is at the intersections between rows of machines. Management usually places a strategic machine or two there to attract new players who follow the sound of money.

5 Play online

Online arcades may not offer the atmosphere and environment of the real thing, but they have the clear advantage of significantly better return rates. In some cases, we are talking about differences between 5 – 10%.

The outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and websites must have high security standards – this gives a great deal of security and makes playing safer than at physical machines, which have been manipulated by computer fraudsters a time or two.

Especially in the long run, online gambling is a good strategy and is easy on the wallet. Furthermore, online platforms offer a huge selection of different games, lucrative bonus offers and are also playable on the go via smartphone.

6 Gambling machines change

You should never pick a favorite slot machine! Changing the slot regularly is a slot machine strategy that everyone should keep in mind. If you play the same machine every time you visit – perhaps because you’ve been luckier than average for a while – it can be hard to “part ways” with it once things aren’t going so well. Changing the slot machine regularly is one of the basic rules of any gambler.

Don’t keep throwing money in just because you think that at some point the jackpot is overdue. Gambling machines have no memory! The trick is in balanced play.

7 Progressive Jackpots

In progressive slots, the jackpot grows by a set percentage of the bet for every game played – unless, of course, the player wins. As a result, the jackpot is usually significantly higher.

The chances of hitting the pot are astronomical, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid progressive slots altogether. Tip: As long as the expectations remain realistic, nothing stands in the way. Feel free to try your hand at such progressive jackpots online as well.

8 Prefer single lines

Single lines are a good trick if you want to play longer or save money without giving up your chances of a possible win. Instead of going to a cafe, find a machine with a Single Line and keep playing there for a bit. Strategy: single lines are cheaper, so you can save money and still have a chance at the jackpot.

9 High versus low stakes

The payout odds of most slot machines usually include the jackpot. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a claim on the jackpot every time you play. Many slot machines require the maximum bet in terms of the chance to win the jackpot.

Tip: If this is the case, you should make sure that you bet the maximum stake every time. Every time you make a bet that is not the maximum, it is a lost opportunity to make the big win.

10 Playing in play money mode

This is less of a slot machine strategy and more of an alternative for those who either don’t have the bankroll or the discipline for “real” slots. Because just as important as determining your own bankroll, it is also to keep it. That means: if the planned money is gone, it’s time to stop playing – otherwise the strategy won’t work.

If you still want to play, the play money mode is a very good tip. Playing without real money is the best way to slowly get used to the slots, to continue after a bust without burdening your wallet or to test new strategies.

Although it is only about points instead of real money and no quick riches beckon, the play money mode offers at least as much excitement and fun.


Slot machines account for about 70% of gross gaming revenue. This means that there must be a lot of people who go home with empty pockets after visiting the arcade.

There is no secret, trick, tip or strategy to beat slot machines and guarantee safe winnings. Every machine is programmed to pay out less than is thrown in. But with strategies and tips, you can increase your chances of leaving the arcade with more money in your pockets and avoid going completely broke.