If you want to increase your monthly income by betting, you should not just rely on your gut feeling, but try to find a strategy that suits you. After all, betting involves more than just a bit of luck, even if you may not believe it at first.

Combining expertise and luck

Of course, you need that little bit of luck, but it’s also about specialist knowledge that you need to acquire in order to remain successful in the long run. After all, if you don’t have a clue about the subject matter, you won’t be able to make a profit.

It’s not just about knowing how soccer, tennis, ice hockey or table tennis works, but you should also be familiar with the players, know the tactics, know whether the team’s striker is in form, or a change of coach is imminent or the tennis player is just making a comeback after an injury. In the end, looking behind the scenes is always important when it comes to making the right tip. Because it’s often a few factors that make the difference in the end – and those who know the factors and analyse them correctly will remain successful in the long run.

Money Management

Being or staying successful – especially difficult when you are dealing with betting. This is because there are always lucky streaks, but also losing streaks. That is, in both cases it is important to keep your nerve. If you’re always right, you can’t get cocky and think you’re always right. And if you are in a losing streak, you should not try to make up for your losses with even higher stakes. That will go wrong. It is important to build up a money management system. How does that work? At the beginning, you should find out how much money you have available. If you bet, you should always work only with freely available money and not bet sums that are already reserved for certain expenses. And you should also realize that when the money for the month is used up, you then also wait until a new freely available sum arises, which can then be put at stake.

Pay attention to the odds

The main thing is to make sure that the betting provider is reputable. Subsequently, you should take a look at the odds. Because attractive odds can become the key to success. The better the odds, the higher the profits if you are right with your tip.

That of course favourite wins have lower odds is no secret. But the odds when it comes to the favourite win should not be so low that it looks absolutely unattractive.

Better to work with single tips

If you combine several tips, then of course the odds go up further down the line. But a high odd also means that you take a corresponding risk here. Even if you have a betting slip with five favourites, one wrong tip can mean that the entire betting slip is lost. However, if you place five individual bets, you will only have lost once in this case – and won four times. If you want to remain successful in the long run, it is definitely better to work with single tips.

Take a closer look at the bonus offer

Finally, it is advisable to take a closer look at bonus offers. This is because some betting providers try to attract new customers with bonus offers. However, it is not the bonus amount that is of decisive importance here, but rather the circumstance of what the bonus or turnover conditions look like.

Subsequently, it is also a question of whether there are only bonus offers for new customers or whether the provider also supplies its loyal customers with bonus offers.


In the end, there are some factors to consider when planning to pursue a long-term betting strategy. Luck should be the constant companion, but it is not solely responsible for becoming or staying successful.